Great Band produced in England, the Beatles
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr A small town in Liverpool,
England where they met and dreamed of being musicians together,
PENNY LANE is the origin of the Beatles myth.
The Beatles were British, but their music was borderless.
Like the Beatles becoming an icon of people all around the world beyond England,
PENNY LANE was born with a dream of being a global lifestyle brand,
although we started in Korea.


There are as many famous brands in the world as stars.
Luxury brands produce their own products.
But we believe that things that are meaningful to you are nicer than new products and more precious than luxury items.

PENNY LANE wants to create something valuable in your ordinary life rather than making simple items.


PENNY LANE respects English classic dignity which puts emphasis on tradition.
Also, PENNY LANE loves bird-like freedom like music of the Beatles.
Dignity of the classic and adventurous spirit of adventurous modernists.
PENNY LANE combines these two values.

Retro-Modern style which is an encounter of the past and the present is a design identity
that PENNY LANE eye wear aims for.


Similar daily life and similar style are not trends.
PENNY LANE has an sight into global daily life, trend, and culture, and will suggests a LIFE STYLE with your own value.

PENNY LANE does not follow the trend.
PENNY LANE creates a trend with you.