Privacy statement


Privacy statement

(‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’) is capable of ensuring that the privacy and interests of the user are protected and that the user’s privacy and interests are protected in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act :

(” Penny Lane eyewear | PENNY LANE EYEWEAR “), will be notified via a website notice (or individual notice) if the privacy statement is revised.


1. Purpose of Personal Information Processing

(’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’)deals with personal information for : The processed personal information is not used for any other purpose than : In the event of a change in the purpose of its use, prior consent will be sought.

A. Subscribing and managing website memberships

When receiving the information of a member, personal information collection is carried out according to the purpose of identification and authentication by the member’s sign – up, maintenance and management of the membership qualification and enforcement of the limited personal identification system. When handling the purpose of personal information related to personal information, personal disputes concerning the service use, complaints concerning service use, and information collection by the concerned by the concerned by the concerned parties, the concerned by the company, the users are collected

B. Processing of Civil Service

Personal information is processed to check the identity of the applicant, check the complaint, contact or notice to investigate the facts, and notify processing result.

C. Deliver goods or services

Personal information is processed for delivery of goods, service provision, billing, contents delivery, personalized service provision, self authentication, age verification, payment, settlement, and bond collection purposes.

D. Use in marketing and advertising

Use the new service (product) development and customization, provision of event and advertising properties and provide opportunities to participate, and determine the purpose of providing services and advertising, verifying the effectiveness of the service, or identifying the purpose of the member’s access statistics.


2. Privacy files status

Privacy file name : Penny Lane Eyewear

– Personal Information Item : Email, mobile phone number, home address, password, login ID, sex, date of birth, name, credit card information, bank account information, service access log, access IP information, payment history

– collection method : homepage, shipping request

– Holding Point : Records and status of website member information collection etc.

– Retention Period : 3 Years

– Law : Records on the collection, processing and use of credit information : 3 years


3. Processing and retaining of personal information

① (‘ Penny Lane eyewear | PENNY LANE EYEWEAR ‘) retains personal information based on legislation or in accordance with the terms of personal information collected from the subject of information, and in relation to the personal information used within.

② The personal information processing and retention period of each is as follows.

1 Personal information related to collection and utilization is retained for the above purpose from the work in the East.It is used.

– Evidence of retention : Records and status of website member information collection, etc.

– Relevant Acts and subordinate statutes : Records on the collection, processing and use of credit information : Three years


4. Commissioning Personal Information Processing

① (‘ Penny Lane eyewear | PENNY LANE EYEWEAR ‘) constricts the following personal information processing tasks for smooth personal information processing :

– The person who receives the consignment (consignor) : means of payment of goods

– Contents of Work Consigned : Email, Mobile Number, Home Address, Login ID, sex, date of birth, name, credit card information, bank account information

– Consignment period : 3 years

② (‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’) specified for the purpose of handling personal information such as liability, liability for handling personal information other than consignment contract conclusion, and prohibition of personal information handling such as consignment information

③ If the contents of consigned business or the person in charge changes, this privacy policy shall be disclosed immediately.


5. The rights and duties of the information subject and the users of the exercise method can exercise the following rights as a personal information user.

① The information principal may at any time exercise the following privacy rights on the Corporation’s Viceshop Company (‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’) :

1. Request to access personal information

2. Request to correct errors, if any

3. Deletion request

4. Processing stop request

② Right exercise under section 1 will be done via the Corporation’s Company Vices Company (‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’) and in accordance with Annex 8 of the Enforcement Rules of the Privacy Act.

③ If the information subject requests correction or deletion of personal information errors (‘ Site URL ‘ or below), the personal information is not provided or is deleted until the correction or deletion is completed.

④ The rights and rights exercise according to Article 1 can be carried out through the authorized representative of the information subject or through a person who has obtained delegation. In this case, you need to submit a proxy according to the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act, Appendix Form 11.


6. Writing items with personal information that is processed

① (‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’) handles the following personal information items :

– Required : Email, mobile phone number, home address, password, login ID, sex, date of birth, name, credit card information, bank account information, service access log, access IP information, payment history


7. The destruction of personal information (‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’) will destroy the personal information without delay when in principle it has been achieved. The procedures, deadlines and methods of destruction are as follows :

– destruction procedures The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after attaining the purpose (in case of paper) and then destroyed immediately or after being stored according to internal policies and other related statutes. In such a case, the personal information transferred to the DB is not used for any other purpose than in the case of a case under the Act.- If the personal information of a user’s due date of revocation is expired, personal information shall be recognized within five days from the end of the retention period, and its purpose of handling such personal information, abolition of the service and termination of the business shall be unnecessary.

< How to destroy >

Information in electronic file formats uses a technical method that can not play the recording.

Personal information printed on paper is then crushed by grinding or incineration.


8. Privacy measures (“Penny Lane eyewear | PENNY LANE EYEWEAR”) provide the following physical and personal safety management techniques required in accordance with section 29 of the Privacy Act :

① Perform regular self-audit

To ensure stability in handling personal information, the company conducts a self-audit at regular intervals (quarterly basis).

② Minimize and train employees handling personal information

POSCO E&amp;C minimizes and manages employees who handle personal information only, and minimizes personal information to those who are responsible.

③ Establishment and execution of internal management plan

Internal management plans are developed and implemented for safe handling of personal information.

④ Technical measures for hacking, etc.

< Corporation ViceCom Company > (Penny Lane eyewear | PENNY LANE EYEWEAR) provides for personal information leakage and harm from hacking or computer viruses and installs a secure cycle to protect against unauthorized access and harm

⑤ Encryption of personal information

Your personal information is stored and managed encrypted, so it is your own responsibility to ensure that sensitive data is encrypted, such as using a separate file and transfer data feature or the ability to lock your files.

⑥ Storage of connection records and prevention of above modulation

Records accessed in the personal information processing system are kept and managed for at least 6 months and the security function is used to prevent the access records from being tampered with, stolen, or lost.

⑦ Access to personal information restricted

The company provides necessary measures to control access to personal information through the granting, modification, and cancellation of access rights to the database system handling personal information and uses the intrusion prevention system to control access to personal information.

Use of a lock for document security

Documents with personal information, auxiliary storage media, etc. are kept in a safe place with a lock.

⑨ Control of access to non-personals

We establish and operate access control procedures for physical storage spaces where personal information is kept.


9. Preparing a person for personal information protection

① The BCC Company of the Inc. (‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’), as a general manager of the business, we designate a person who handles personal information processing complaints by the concerned parties or to provide remedies for damages, as follows :

Personal information protection person

Name : Kim Seong-jun

Position : Head of Business Headquarters

Position : Head of Business Headquarters

Contact : F.050505-300-5756.

※ This section is connected to the privacy department.

② The information subject will contact all personal information such as inquiries or inquiries concerning personal information that may have been made through the use of the services (or business) of the BCC Company of the Inc(‘’ and below ‘Penny Lane eyewear’ | ‘PENNYLANE EYEWEAR’P The company’s Vices Company ( and below) will respond promptly to and respond to enquiries from its information subject.


10. Changing privacy policies

① This privacy policy applies from the date of enforcement. In the event that changes are added, deleted or corrected according to the statutes or policies, the change will be notified in advance of the 7th day of enforcement.


This release is effective from August 1, 2017.