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PONS Col.2 – RED

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136 mm


47 mm


43 mm


20 mm


145 mm


Non-prescription Lens

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- If there is a manufacturing defect, you can receive warranty service for 6 months from the date of purchase. (However, products with a warranty period of 6 months or more or careless damage are charged warranty.)
- After checking warranty products, we will provide you with any additional information.
- When you send a product, please include your name, contact number, and a brief repair request and forward it to the address below together with this warranty statement. Address : 46-13 BCC Company A/S Center, Donggyo-ro 17-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea (070 - 4140 - 6608)
Other information
- Depending on the sunglasses measurement environment and the temperature, there may be an error of actual measurable size.
- Products from PENNY LANE EYEWEAR are new and unworn.
- Depending on the face type, the fitting may be incorrect. We recommend you visit your nearest optician for the fitting service that matches your face type.
- The lenses of some of the photographed items may be different from those of actual selling sunglasses.
- When you purchase a product, be sure to check the color of the lens which is listed in the product information before you purchase the product.
- Product components may vary depending on the situation at the company.
Precautions on Handling Sunglasses
- Be careful of strong impacts as sunglasses may have weak spots due to their characteristics.
- Keep away from hot spots such as inside hot cars, near electric heating appliances.
- When storing sunglasses, avoid microscopic eye contact by keeping lens face upwards.
- When contacting dust, rain, sweat, sea water, etc., rinse with clear water and wipe with a sunglasses only towel.
- Be careful when hair products or cosmetics contact the frame, as they may cause discoloration or the coating to be peeled off.
- The lens is expendable, so it is recommended to replace one that is 23 years old.
Precautions on Purchase of Glasses
- Please replace it with a corrective eye lens or a protective eye lens After an eye examination at a nearby optician